iBeacons in retail

iBeacons can be used in multiple types of environment, one of those is the retail sector. Examples of how to use the iBeacons can be by sending personal offers to people walking by or in the store, sending discountcodes for specific products in a shop, releasing new products and expanding the total experience of the store.

Are you interested in how to get more people to visit your store and develop a better store experience? We can help with the iBeacon deployment. Just contact us, and we will develop great personal concepts for your brand!


iBeacons location services

Getting lost isn’t much fun. But this is still happening to tourists in all big cities where they are unknown. The iBeacon technology can help them into finding out where they are. The beacons can guide the tourist into taking a specific route through a city. Complementary they can find information about the location where they are located at the moment. One example can be: Tourist is visiting Amsterdam. He or she downloads a city app at the start of the trip. This app enables the Bluetooth connection on the phone automatically. When the tourist is close to a certain attraction it will receive a push notification.

Crowd management can be easy with this simple implementation. Especially in very large touristic cities.